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Estelle  Jouili

Estelle Jouili

Estelle Jouili is an advanced child

and painted since the age of 4.

Her first exhibitions are held first in France and Germany, when she is barely 15 years old. Since 2014, she regularly exhibits her work in France, the United States, Belgium and Japan with the various art galleries that represent her

In April 2017, Estelle Jouili was awarded from the Centre d'Art et de création d'Aulnay contest, appearing in the TOP 10 artists who will exhibit for a year in China.

Emerging talent in the world of painting, her art is confirmed in poetry with her entry in the prestigious collection Poetry at Flammarion. Her first publication, Un angle obtus, was published on March 15, 2017.
There is fulgidity in the paintings of Estelle Jouili. Her painting is as carnal as her poetry.


She paints the relationship, the intimate. Her compositions reinvent abstract language in conciliating sensual figuration, expressionism and lyrical abstraction.

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